Facebook may be a victim of pornography

 “Facebook’ a simple word which the whole world speaks about every day and known to be the biggest social networking site. It is being used by more than 50 million users around the globe. We can say it the best place to share your feelings with your buddies. It is also the best market place to companies to market their products. Facebook made the world much smaller which takes your single stroke of a key to hundreds of your friends in no time. It just became like a common need to everyone to be on facebook for a while as a daily routine. As a regular facebook user even I should agree I can’t stay out of fb like many others. Everything is fine and good so far. But the thing to discuss is about where this social networking is leading us to. You can have fun, share your feelings, poke others and can live a happy social life in fb. Everyone agrees with that.
But the point I would like to make is about is facebook going to be a victim of the fake profiles and porn content. Yes as a user of fb I have been noticing the changing trends of facebook users in different ways. Most of us use fb to connect with friends and also to market our websites or products. It is all fine if just used for marketing or making friends. But the current situation is getting out of the box and making it more inappropriate. The growing nudity in the profiles and posting porno content into facebook is real embarrassing to accept. We can also say it’s not a big thing to get worried as we only get connected with our own friends but while talking as a whole it should not be encouraged by anyone. If a person mistakenly adds a stranger who used to post such content tagging them in the content what will be the situation. It may not happen every time but need to be conscious about what’s going on within in the box even.
Moreover most number of youth is getting addicted to fb like they cannot live without that. The first thing most of the youth does now after waking up is to check their fb messages. It’s true! most of the youth is wasting hours of time sitting on fb posting and poking. We never knew what they gain through that but they cannot live without it. That’s not a mistake to connect with friends daily but if it is in limits everyone will be happy.
Lastly I would like to conclude that using facebook is not only fun and exciting but also harmful if exceeds the limits. I would like to say a note to facebook team also to take care of the profiles being listed in the facebook. It is happy to see a 50 million users in fb but need to scrutinize how many are genuine. There is a need to monitor all the content in the facebook which can help users have a safe browsing and getting connected. Else no wonder facebook the next victim of fake profiles and pornography.

Ram Manohar Akula
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