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Its been a long time i wrote any articles or blogs these days. Its like a long vacation to me without blogging and writing stuff as part of my daily routine. Lot many things happened these days in the news and hot hot news missed my view updating in the blog.

Ramzan festival season completed and no more Haleem....

Vinayaka chavithi nava-rathri season completed and no more colourful lightings in streets...

Missing many things...

Missed visiting Khairathabad bada ganesh this time. Anyways i seek his blessings always and he will surely bless me.

Ganesh nimarjanam(immersion) a grand celebration in hyderabad and other states too.

Everything gone well in nimarjanam with efforts of government and police. POLICE should be appreciated for their wonderful support.

Ayodhya Verdict keeps on postponed till when.. God knows..

Common wealth games became a head burden to the indian government with frequent misconceptions.

CWG Sports village is almost ready despite of some irregularities.

Balayya Funny Pics

Nandamuri Balakrishna also called as Balayya babu by his fans, an eminent actor with his own style and his way of delivering the dialogues is a sensation in Telugu film industry(Tollywood) for many years. After the era of Late Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao famous as NTR, almost balayya has got the same popularity as his father. Everyone felt balayya as down to earth actor who made a history in Telugu industry. But later on his extraordinary stunts and over dialogues in some movies made him a comedian and a new FUNNY SMS IKON. I don't want to drag the subject everyone know whats happening now.. Just want to give an explanation of some funny pics of balayya which are currently popular. Balayya Purudu, Baltrix Balayya, Butterman Balayya, Balayya as Bavatar,  are some of the famous titles of balayya jokes.

Simha Balayya Fake

Balayya purudu
Baltrix Balayya
Balayya as Bavatar
Butterman Balayya

Roadies Raghu is Back again

Roadies Season 8 is all set to hit the action soon.. The most amazing thing is Raghu is back again in Roadies. Most of the roadies fans really missed him in the season 7. When the season 7 began everyone is looking out for Raghu in auditions but for our surprise he is not there in that and suddenly appeared in Channel V with an another reality show. Raghu the man with his attitude and aggressiveness surely a must in such a amazing show like roadies.

Audition forms are out and everyone is waiting for the announcement of audition dates.. As for sure roadies gonna hit the roads very soon and gonna rock with their actions and reactions..
"ab sabko waat lagega Raghu aagaye na"

Anyways all the best Roadies...

Google Birthday

Google an amazing word used by more than 5 million people across the globe every single day. Google the perfect synonym for search made learning simpler and easier. It guides you like a father, educates you like a Teacher, listens to you like a friend and answers you. Its can be named God of answers!! The god father ruling the world wide web with its redefined searching capabilities. Without Google life is not so easy these days, it became a powerful search engine which cannot be replaced with its unique searching strategies. It should be obeyed that Google == Search. Google always celebrates its birthday in September but not on a particular date. Last year it was on September 27 and most probably this year too. Waiting for the Day when Google announces its Birthday this month to wish it a very Happy Birthday!!

Google History at a Glance: 
  • Founded by Sergy M. Brin and Lawrence E.Page
  • Chairman and CEO: Eric Schmidt 
  • domain was first registered on September 15 1997.
  • First Google office : 232 Santa Margareta, Menlo Park.
  • Incorporated on September 4 1998. in California.
  • First Employee of Google : Craig Silverstein
  • Google first Company Dog: Yoshka.
  • Google first Chef: Charlie Ayers
  • Google's first IPO was issued on August 19, 2004. Total 19,605,052 shares at $85 per share.
  • Google Head Quarters: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain view, California. US.
  • Products: Youtube, Adsense, Adwords, Gmail, Gtalk, Google Earth, Maps and lot more..
  • Google current Asset value: more than $40 Billion.
For more Details

Balayya jokes sms

Hello!! Here are some of the Balayya new jokes which are popular as Balayya sms jokes. These are the most shared sms jokes these days.. Balayya jr ntr jokes almost replaced the all the fun sms before.. Balayya Rocks!!!

Ticket seller : BOSS , no one is ready to buy tickets for balayya movie simha.
Owner : sell it at Rs.1 each
Ticket seller : BOSS we wont get profit
Owner : once they enter the theatre,
after 10 minutes start selling "EXIT" tickets at Rs.200..
Balayya and Hari krishna went to egypt to see MUMMIES.

Balayya : annayya chudu enni bandages unnayoedi pakka lorry accident.
Hari krishna : avunu thammudu nuvvu cheppindhi correcte truck number kuda vundhi BC 1760
What an idea "BALAYYA"
The BUS conductor says:
"Half pant Half ticket", "Full pant Full ticket".
Suddenly "BALAYYA"removed his pant and says
"No pant No ticket"
Balayya practising CHIRU's dialogue (TAGORE)..

ippativaraku na cinemalu 440
andhulo HITS 4
Flops 40
Utterflops 140
Varam Adinavi 80
Varam kuda adanivi 60
Fans matrame chudanivi 20
Ika migilinavi 16
Vatilo asalu release kaanivi 14
migilina 2 sagamlo apesaru
natho cinema theesi suicide chesukunna nirmathalu 4
cinema chustu chachina fans 4232
Chala inka amina kavala?
Balayya: ye ra monna enni sarlu phone chesina lift chestav kani matladav??
NTR: Nuvve chppava kada babai...
"nenu matladetappudu nee chevulu matrame pani cheyali, kadani inkem pani chesina nee next b'day undadu ani"
asale monna na b'day anduke
N.T.R. : babai nuvu evarinina love chesava....?
Balayya : chesanu kani thanu
I Love U 2 antundhi........
aa rendo vadu evado ardham kavatledhu ra...
Director : U have to jump into swimming pool from 100 th floor.
Balayya : but I don't know swimming
Director : Don't there is no water
Balayya : water leva aithe PICHEKISTHA
N.T.R. : Babai maa kotha intiki gruha pravesham chesthunnam e month lo , nuvvu ravali babai
Balayya : Avuna Congrats ra..... a function hall lo.........?
Balayya and N.T.R. are walking on the road
They saw 1000 Rs. note on the road.
N.T.R. : Fifty - Fifty thisukundham Babai
Balayya : migilina 900 Rs em cheddam ra Jeffa.....
Teacher : which is ur favourite dish......?
Balayya : TATA SKY.....
Jr NTR: Babai, Water nundi power enduku tistaru?
Balayya: mentalodaa, ala power tiyakapote snanam chese tappudu shock kodutundi kada ra.....!

Jr NTR: Nuvvu keka Babai..
Balayya bullet proof jacket kakunda domala tera vesukuntadu
Jr Ntr: ila enduku ?
Balayya: indulo domale polev bullets ela potai ??
Jr Ntr: nuvvu keka babai!!
Driver : sir petrol ayipoindi koncham kuda munduku velladu .
Balayya : aithe venakki poni intiki veldam.
Jr Ntr: picchi babai intlo kuda petrol ledu!! Haha..

Jr NTR: neeku swimming raadu kada..enduku cheruvu lo dookav babai?
Balayya: adi kadu ra..akkada oka baatu sagam varake munigi unte lothu ledu anukoni dookesa.....!!
Balayya: nenna asalu nidara pataledu ra
Jr Ntr: avuna ekada padukunav babai?
B: upper berth lo andukay chala ibbandi feel ayanu
Jr Ntr: mari ni lower berth variki request chesi nuvvu kindana paduko vachu ga
Balayya: adugudamanay anukunna KANI AKKADA EVARU LERU RA!!

More to be updated!!! Keep visiting for new Collection!!!

Disclaimer: Not intended to hurt anyone personally. These are just a collection of sms almost seen in every youth mobile. Blog is not responsible to any Claim.