Evergreen South Indian Actors Reunion

South Indian actors of the 1980’s reunite at a private black-theme party held on Sunday. The event is organized by Suhasini Mani Ratnam, beautiful actress of the 1980’s and hosted by Lissy Priyadarshan. The event is named as the Evergreen 80’s. Most of the wonderful south Indian actors of the 1980’s attended the gathering and shared their sweet memories with each other. The name Evergreen 80’s best suits the actors as they were truly the evergreen stars that no one can replace them.
All the actors are almost dressed in black as it a black-theme party and looks really great. It’s really a wonderful idea to meet like this and share their feelings every year. Conducting such parties make them feel energized and relaxed. Media got no place to enter into the party as it is purely a private party and got no footage about the event, except some photos.
Rajnikanth, Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Naresh, Arjun, Ramya Krishna, Lissy Priyadarshan, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Radhika, Sumalatha, Kushboo, Mohan Lal, Sharath Kumar, Prabhu, Bhanu Chander, Ambarish, Shobhana and some other actors had their wonderful presence in the Evergreen 80’s party.

Jai Bolo Telangana Movie Launch

"KCR" The Telangana Big Boss in a new Avatar

Kalavakuntla Chandra Sekhar Rao famous as KCR; the highest ranked popular name these days in AP Politics. Till date we all know him very well as down to earth leader fighting in an enormous battle for the cause of Separate Telangana State formation. He is well known for his eloquent speech and the way of criticizing the opposition leaders who oppose Telangana. He as a leader fighting for telangana and for his never step back attitude won over the hearts of almost all the telangana people who wishes telangana formation. Moreover he is almost like a nightmare to all the remaining leaders from Seemandhra; who are against T-State. KCR is basically a good intellect and has a blend of poetry in his life. Till now he wrote many articles and songs stating the need for Telangana and the horrible lives of Telangana people. Almost everybody is aware of all these things, but the latest thing on the boards right now is KCR is going to write a song for a Telugu movie. Yes KCR is going to become a lyric writer for a movie song.
There's Nothing to get much amazed about the issue he is not writing songs for a romantic or a thriller suspense movie. He is writing a song on telangana peoples lives and the reason why people fighting for T-State formation. And coming to the movie details; name of the movie is Jai Bolo Telangana being directed by N.Shankar. The movie is planned long back and till these days director is busy taking auditions selecting the cast for the movie. Atlast finally the director unveiled the name( Jai Bolo Telangana) in the movie launch event held at Begumpet, Hyderabad. Many famous personalities from the Telugu film industry and politics like  Raghavendra Rao, Murali Mohan, Paruchuri Brothers, KCR Son K.T.R and daughter Kavitha, BJP Dattatreya and many others had their presence in the event and spoke about the movie and director. The movie is completely based on the history for Telangana and the reasons for agitations going on for the formation of the T-State. Anyways lets wish the director all the very best for the film, let him give his best to the movie. Final judges will be obviously the ordinary people who need to watch the movie and get inspired from it.

Telugu actresses saira bano and Jyothi caught in sex racket

After a recent bust out of drug racket in Tollywood, again Telugu film industry is in news on Monday. The news can be briefed as sex racket busted in Hyderabad, two actresses from Telugu film industry got arrested red handed in a flat in KundanBagh, Begumpet, Hyderabad.
To say about the complete details as said in the telugu  news channels, Hyderabad police again busted out a racket in Hyderabad after the recent bust of drug racket, but this time its something hot , sex racket. The Police raided the flat in Kundanbagh in Begumpet after a pakka information that some illegal activities are going on in that region. And this time Police got a sensational case and the media got a hot topic to increase thier TRP rating and finally the youth got some hot news to discuss for some days. At last the pity ordinary people has no other choice to watch other news as there is no other news the whole day in all Electronic media. Going into the details of the news two actresses Saira Bhanu and  Jyothi of the Telugu industry along with seven other girls among that one is a foreigner were arrested for getting involved in social illegal activities.
But the two actresses version is completely different from the media and the police statements. They allegedly say that they are trapped and wantedly involving them into this case. Whatever the thing might be but the media got a hot news, while veterans scold the illegal activities in industry, some youth trying out for saira bhanu phone number and jyothi contact number. Whatever we can do now is just listen and if possible act against or leave it as it is.

Its time to give a helping hand

We the race of human beings living together as a community in our particular regions.
we all are blessed to be in this position for what we are now. But the sadest thing still there are millions of people in this world who are struggling with their lives to eat once in a day.
It does not meant that they cant earn, just they are not blessed like us.
Millions of people in this world are struggling with their lives in poverty.

Being a responsible human being its our everyone's courtesy to give a helping hand to the poor through which they are able to earn their daily living, thanking us everyday for giving them life. But the fact its nothing what we do just a small help which is our responsibility to help each other as we all belong to the same human race created by the almighty.

They are just waiting for an opportunity, lets give them that.

We now got a thought to help but how, who is in need of this helping hand.

Here is the answer KIVA.
KIVA with its unique approach of combining internet and micro-finance creating a global community of people connected through lending.
kiva is engaged in providing micro finance to the poor people and help them setup their livelihood and lightening their horrible lives.

KIVA strongly believes in people and relationships, it strongly says that too.

Join the KIVA community and help our brother's & sister's across the globe stand on their own feet.


Best broadband connection in hyderabad

Best Broadband services in Hyderabad

  To discuss about hyderabad broadband spectrum its huge and growing very rapidly. In the past we hardly found 3 to 4 internet service providers in hyderabad and used to take days to install the connection, but now its changed. We can now setup a broadband connection at home in hyderabad in hours. It just became like buying a table fan and switching on bringing it home.
  To talk about the charges they became so cheap that everyone can afford a connection basing on their income, but speeds may vary!! whatever the speed is we are connected anyways. Some ISP's are offering broadband at an unbelievable prices less than a cable tv connection charges.
Now a days beam cable is expanding its connectivity in hyderabad by providing the best services with reliability and speed according to their fixed plans. Reliance is also the best provider but has some connection issues and speed. And there are many more local services in your neighborhood. Check it out!!!

why Balayya became a comedian

Balayya with his over dialogues and ultimate over action made his career a water bubble and he is just pinning it himself by continuing the same irregular dialogues and abnormal actions.

And the current hot topic with any two youngsters will be the new balayya sms joke. Day by day balayya is getting more and more popular with the huge balayya sms revolution. 

Almost everyone forgot the Sardar jokes completely due to the effect of the Balayya sms revolution.
Why cant balayya act in good movies which shows some reality about his personality. 
The main reason for this is his fans who made him such a big fool in the film industry. They praised him like anything for everything he does without considering what normal people are thinking.

Normal people expect good dialogues and action from balayya as he came up from the family of NTR.
Let us Hope Balayya will understand why everyone is fooling over him and try to change the pace he is currently moving on get the same applauds from the crowd he used to get before instead of laughing over his stunts.