Hospitals in Hyderabad


Andhra Mahila Sabha Hospital
Osmania University Road
Hyderabad - 500044

Apollo Cancer Hospital

Jubilee Hills
Hyderabad - 500034

ApolloEmergency Hospital

3-5-874/1 Old MLA Quarters,
Hyderguda, Hyderabad - 500029

Apollo Hospital

Plot No-90, Near Secunderabad Club,
Hyderabad - 500003

3-6-287, Hyderguda
Hyderabad - 500029

Mozamjahi Market,Abids
Hyderabad - 500001

Care Hospital

Bhaskara Plaza, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad - 500034

Care Hospital
Exhibition Ground Road,Nampally
Hyderabad - 500001

Care Hospital

Market Street, Near Clock Tower
Hyderabad - 500003

Employees State Insurance Hospital (E.S.I.) Erragadda,

Hyderabad - 500018

Fever Hospital
2-1-360 Sr Ronald Ross Institute,
Nallakunta, Hyderabad - 500044

Gandhi Hospital
Old Musheerabad Jail

Kamineni Hospital
Ring Road, L.B.Nagar
Hyderabad - 500068

King Koti Hospital
Ramkoti, Abids,

L.V.Prasad Eye Institute

Road No-2, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad - 500034

Mediciti Hospitals
101 Skill Avenue,Hill Port Road,
Hyderabad - 500004

Mediciti Hospitals
5-9-22 Sarovar Complex, 9th Floor,
Secretariat Rd, Hyderabad - 500063

Medinova Hospital
Hyderabad - 500482

Medwin Hospitals
100 Raghava Ratna Towers,
Chira Ali Lane, Hyderabad - 500001

Niloufer Hospital For Women & Children
Red Hills, Hyderabad - 500004

Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS)

Panjagutta, Hyderabad

Osmania General Hospital
Afzal Gunj,

Yashoda Hospital

Nalgonda Cross Road,
Malakpet, Hyderabad - 500036

Yashoda Hospital
Rajbhawan Road,

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Hyderabad Transport Enquiry


Air India Express 1800227722

King Fisher Airlines 18002701111,

Indigo Airlines 9910383838,

Spicejet Airways 040-27904796

Jet Airways 040-23401222

Paramount Airways 18001801234

Singapore Airways 040-23312644

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General Enquiry 131

Reservation Enquiry 135

Interactive Enquiry 1331


M.G.Bus Station 040-24618685

J.B.Bus Station 040-27802203

DSNR Bus Station 040-24040023

KOTI Bus station 040-24657651


Chennai Super Kings got a roaring victory

Chennai Super Kings won the IPL Season 3 title.

Despite of the controversies on IPL, season 3 completed its journey today atlast.
Chennai super kings won by 22 runs.

Chennai Super Kings 168/5(20.0 Overs)

Raina (57 runs 35 balls) played a very wonderful game and we can say he played the key role in winning the game.

Mumbai Indians 146/9(20.0 Overs)

Besides Sachin (48 runs 45 balls) no one performed well in the game today. Pollard tried to pull the game in the ending, but he could not take it till the end.






Hope u ll Love this Stuff !!!

How True.. .A cigarette shortens your life by 2 min, a beer shortens your life by 4 minutes, a working day shortens your life by 8 hours!

It's wrong that Alcohol makes u fat... It doesn't! It actually makes u LEAN... against bars, poles, walls, friends & strangers! Cheers!

True bravery is 2 arrive home.....fully drunk......a late night out.....& wife waiting with a jhadu and u ask: Hey abhi tak safai kar rahi ho?

Two friends, who hadn't seen each other in several years, met on the street.
1st: Who are u working 4 now?
2nd: Same people, My wife & 4 children.

Why women live a better, longer & a peaceful life?
Because, women don't have a wife.

Postman: I have to come 5 miles to deliver u this packet.
Sardar: Why did u come so far. Instead U could have posted it.

A genuine reason for having two girlfriends at a time: Monopoly is always damaging & Competition improves service!

How do u identify a true music lover?
A man when hears a woman singing in the bathroom, puts his ear to the keyhole instead of his eye!

Two goldfish in a bowl talking:
Goldfish 1: Do you believe in God?
Goldfish 2: Of course, I do! Who do you think changes the water?

Telling a Lie is a fault for a little boy, an art for a lover, an accomplishment for a bachelor, and a matter of survival for a married man.

Doctor to Lady: U r looking so weak and exhausted ! Are U properly taking 3 meals a day as I had advised ?
Lady: Oh my God ! I heard 3 Males per day !

Doctor, cut off my dog's tail.
Vet: Why do u want to do that?
Coz my mother-in-law is visiting us & I don't want anything to make her think she's welcomed.

Police arrestd a drunkard & askd: Where r u goin?
Man: I'm goin 2 listen lecture on ill effcts of drinking.
Cop: Who'll lecture at midnite?
Man: My wife...

Law Professor: Which is the most important LAW of Finance for Starting a New Business?
Student: Father-in-Law!

What's the biggest pressure for Pak captain when Pak needs 1 run to win in 8 ovrs, with 5 wickets in hand?
Ya Allah! How to speak English in presentation ceremony?

Alcohol contain female hormones. Proof: Men gain weight, talk unnecessarily, become extra emotional & stupid, start fighting without any reason.

A teenage boy to his father: Here's my report card and a list I've compiled of entrepreneurs who never finished their High School.

Only 20 percent boys have brains, rest have girlfriends!

Why did Saddam Hussein attack Kuwait?
He had an Arabic baby-sitter, who always used to say 'Keep Quwait, Keep Quwait'

He was a good man. He never smoked, drank & had no affair. When he died, the insurance company refused the claim. They said, he who never lived, cannot die!

There are only 5 things we need in life: Good friends, Good job, Good food, Good sleep &
Good _ UCK. Whatever u are thinking... is right. Good Day.


Express ur Love how much u care for them!!!!

I've notice that being with you, I smile a little more often, I anger a little less quickly, the sun shines a little brighter, and life is so much sweeter. Luv U.

Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.

Everyone says you only fall in love once but that's wrong, everytime I see your smile I fall in love all over again. Luv You!

I miss u when something really gud happens, coz u're the one I want to share it with. I miss u when something is troubling me, coz u're the only one who understands me. I miss u when I laugh and cry, coz I know that u're the one who makes my laughter grow & my tears disappear.

It's hard to find someone whom u truly love, much less to find someone who loves u as much. When the chance comes, don't ever let go.

The sun is glazing, upon the sunlight I see the path of our love shining brightly knowing that it is so great to have sumone like U! Luv You!

To hear what is unspoken, to see what is invisible, to feel without without even touching... is the miracle called Love.

I knew I loved you when I realized that there was no one else I would rather laugh, cry and make memories with. Luv U!

Loving, knowing that you are going to get hurt is like living knowing that you are going to die. But not loving so you don't get hurt is like killing yourself before you die.

Giving someone all ur luv is never an assurance that they'll luv u back! Don't expect luv in return; just wait for it to grow in their hearts. But if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours.

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

Love is falling asleep dreaming of the one that makes you smile and waking up smiling about the one u dream of.

Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed; to those who still believe even though they've been betrayed; to those who still need love even though they've been hurt before.

I don't know why I'm so afraid to lose u when u r not even mine. I don't know why I luv u so when u don't even luv me. I don't know why u r the one when I'm just a someone to u.

A person who truly loves you and knows you is someone who still sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else still believe the smile on your face.

Where words fail, action speaks. Where action fails, eyes speak. Where eyes fail, tears speak. And where everything fails, LOVE SPEAKS!



Hey Here are some cool SMS quotes... Hope u like them.....

True friends are those who care without hesitation, remember without limitation, forgive without any explanation & luv even with little communication!

My mom always told me that we could never measure our wealth by money but by our friends. She would surely be glad to meet U and know how rich I turned out to be!

I thank the Lord for the gift of friendship where I can be myself and be accepted as I am and for finding a home in the heart of a friend.

Nice friends will b remembered as special blessings n there r very few as precious as you, n that's the very special reason why I keep in touch with u.

I may not b the most important person in ur LIFE... But I just hope that One day when u hear my name u wud just SMILE & say: Hey that's my friend.

Friends should be like zero's. When you add, they are the same. When u subtract, they are again the same but when u try to divide, they become INFINITY.

I droped a coin in d sea & prayed fot a smart & intelligent friend. Then God gifted U to me & said: Itne paise to mein aisa hi milega!

Friendship is when you have had a huge fight, deciding once for all... 'That's it', but then you decide to put aside your egos, hold hands & say, "I Need U..."

People say relations are made in heaven, but some get broken up here on Earth called Hell. But I got a friend like U, here in hell and made my life HEAVEN.

A friend is a push when u r stopped, a guide when u r searchin , a song when u r glad, a word ven u r lonely, a smile when u r sad.

Eyes r parents, Heart is lover, Brain is teacher, Brothers & Sisters r fingers, but a loving Friend is Blood! So always keep flowing regularly. Gud Morning!

Time might lead me to nowhere; Fate might break me apart; I'll always be thankful that once, along my life's journey I had U in my heart.

Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest, who came first , or who cares the best... It's all about who came and never left.

Life they say is touch and go. Some people you know may only be there for sometime. Some may go away, but people who find you special will always find ways to stay.

Friendship is like playing on a see-saw, not only bcoz it's always fun with each other but also bcoz someone won't mind going down to see another one rise.

When a person can find sorrow behind ur smile, words behind ur silence, love behind ur anger; u can believe that person is your true friend.

Friendship is all about three things -winning, losing n sharing. Winning your friends heart, losing your self ego, and sharing joys n sorrows.

Having a Crush is sweet; Falling in Luv is Exciting; Having a Heart break Shocks; But, having a Friend like U totally Rocks!