Brahmanadam Rocks Facebook

After the era of Bala Krishna morphed images now its time of all time comedian Padmashri Brahmanandam. Yes Brahmanandam(brahmi) morphed photos are rocking in facebook. Brahmandam has already gained the hearts of Telugu people with his extraordinary comedy till now on the screen and now its time for our creative talents who are using their creative skills in morphing Brahmanandam into almost all actors and celebrities. These morphed images are circulating around the facebook like a swing. We can see atleast one new morphed image of him on our walls. Not just morphing those are also given nice funny names using brahmi. Here are some of brahmi morphed images and their taglines.
Brahmi as ram charan in orange

brahul gandhi


Brahmi in teen maar

the dummy

swamy brahmananda

as pawan kalyan

as mr bean

b one

no yes brahmanda reddy

brahmi as bulk


brahmi as spiderman

naa peru brahmi

brahamana nidhi

konijeti brahmaiah


gacchiboli diwakar

brahmi bajaree

brahmi morphed images

sri brahmma rajyam

jaffa fried chicken


brahmi as chandrababu naidi

7 and half sense

morphed image as kaanchana
Really funny creations. for more you can have a look in the facebook.

steve jobs is no more

Steve Jobs is no more. Apple founder and former CEO Steve jobs died of cancer at the age of 56 on Wednesday october 5th 2011. Apple on its website stated the fact about the death of its founder today. Steve is suffering with cancer since 2003 underwent a surgery for that in 2004 and had a liver transplant in 2008.
Steve is a college drop out and never had a degree in technology but his creativity and visionary about technology made his mark in the american technological milestones. Steve jobs and Stephen Wozniak founded Apple in 1976. Apple really lost a visionary and a creative genious as stated by the Apple website.
Apple is surely going to miss the presence of steve jobs without whom which doesn’t exist. Steve is known to be the mastermind behind the development of the worlds craziest gadegts, “iphone” and ”ipad”.  Steve recently quit from the CEO position and proposed Tim Cook for the position.
World really misses you steve jobs. You are a great human being.
Steve Job’s presence is felt in every hand by means of his “i” gadgets.

Source : steve jobs death

Nikitha Banned from Kollywood for 3 years

Nikitha Banned from Kollywood for 3 years

Actress Nikitha was banned by the KFPA for involving in an affair with Director Darshan. Darshan is already facing trobles by beating up his wife and was jailed for the same. Freshly his wife Vijaya Lakshmi lodged a complaint with the police about her husband and also named Nikitha in the complaint stating she has an affair with her husband.

With this impact the Kannada Film Producer's Association (KFPA) imposed a three year ban on the actress Nikitha Thukral from acting in Kannada Films.

Nikitha was shocked to see her name in the complaint by Vijayalaxmi and called it a ridiculous thing accusing the KFPA fro taking the action without any proof. A few days ago Nikitha lost her father and now she is being pulled into a controversy . She has acted almost in all south indian films and also in Bollywood but never had any complaints with any Heroes and Directors but now this all controversies are damaging her image, as said by Nikitha.

Whatever the controversy is, the police lodged a complaint and will be investgating the issue and the truths will be revealed later on. By which she can prove her innocence or may be blamed if she is the real victim.

Hrithik Roshan next generation

Hrithik Juniors with their mom Suzanne Khan.

Hrithik Roshan son photo

Suzanne Khan with her two kids

Ram Charan Tej weds Upasana Kamineni


Finally Ram Charan is going to tie the knot.

Its now time for the mega power star after Allu Arjun(bunny) and Jr.NTR to tie the knot. Yes! rumours are spreading across the Twood about the affair between Ram Charan Tej and Upasana Kamineni and more likely they are going to get engaged this november. Ram Charan and Upasana are in love with each other since 5 years and now they are going to take it to the next level.

Of course many of the chiru fans are eagerly waiting for Cherry's marriage and to their expections he may be going to fulfill their wish very soon. Hope to see an another colourful celebrity royal wedding after Allu Arjun and Jr.NTR very soon. The couple is made for each other.

Konidala Ram Charan Teja
Son of Konidala siva shankara vara prasad. The megastar Chiranjeevi.
Upasana Kamineni
Grand daughter of Prathap C Reddy (Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group)